Meet the owner

Doyle Moore started this business in 2005, with just a dozer, he started out small with only a bulldozer. In just a few years it has become what it is today. We owe it all to God and our work ethic and talent. Doyle also has a custom hay baling business, he currently owns with his father and has been in that business since 1990.

Our equipment list

We currently have the following equipment, this changes from time to time, depending on our growing needs.

2 Bulldozers
1 - 18 yard dump truck
1 - 24 yard belly dump truck
1 - 14 yard belly dump truck
2 Skid steers
2 Blades (motor grader)
2 Rocksaws
Rubber tire loader
Water truck

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at 512-585-9461 we would be happy to meet you for a free estimate for your project.